Thanks for stopping by our site, which features woodwind music for the church and for teaching or recreation. We are Jon and Linda Julian, and we really do live on Grace Street, in real life a quiet, shaded residential street with pleasant homes dating from the 'thirties and 'forties ... but that's not why you came.
"on Grace Street" is more about what we do. We are primarily musicians who hold undergraduate degrees in clarinet, and graduate degrees in chamber music - Linda's emphasis, clarinet; Jon's, bassoon - from the North Carolina School of the Arts. In the decades between those degrees, we served as Instructors at the United States Navy School of Music in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and as principal players of United States Army Bands in Atlanta, Georgia and Heidelberg, Germany. During those years we performed wind ensemble and chamber music concerts with both military and civilian groups, in forty states and a dozen European countries, in venues from town squares to town halls to historic theaters to bookstores to schools to embassies. More recently we are principal players of the Piedmont Wind Symphony, have performed as principals with several of North Carolina's orchestras, and presented programs as a duet, as a trio with piano, and in larger chamber groups. Over the years we have applied our background in wind music to church music, providing service music for the church as performers and writers. We stay fresh and continue to learn by teaching at every level from beginner through college.

There is another sense in which we live "on Grace Street" and it is that which is the primary reason for this site. As classically-trained woodwind players who are Christian, we have had many opportunities to participate in worship services in a variety of ways, in large and in small churches, in church orchestras or in hired-in groups for special occasions, as part of smaller ensembles, and as a clarinet and bassoon duet. We have long felt a need for appropriate music composed specifically for the woodwind instruments, and of interest to serious performers. During the past decade or so, we have set out to produce useful and interesting church music for clarinet and bassoon, our instruments, by arranging hymns and other sacred music to play as part of services at our own church or during visits as guest musicians elsewhere.
Jon likes to start with a hymn tune and discover ways to build its thematic elements into an interesting setting that will stay in the listener's mind and bring to mind the text of a hymn associated with the tune, or the general teaching of the hymn or of the service in which the setting was heard. Linda is more likely to arrange a work of a master composer into a form in which we can share what we have found beautiful about it, or to do a little more traditional setting of a well-known hymn or song. In either case, we hope that as we add selections to the list
begun here and adapt them to various instruments, you will find woodwind music for the church that you will want to share.
As you look through our music you will see that there are already settings for other combinations of instruments in some instances. If a setting interests you but your instrument(s) is(are) not listed, or for other information or discussion about our music, please drop us an e-mail at

To learn a little more about how Jon's style of music came to be, read the story of "Three Moravian Hymn TunesRemembered".