finding your way around the on Grace Street sites - use, policies, and whatever else doesn't fit on another page

The purpose of the ongracestreet and thegallery.ongracestreet sites is to make available to you arrangements of music that you can use; music that you can enjoy listening to; and photographs that you find appealing to look at. Each site has an "About" page that will tell you something about who we are and how we came to be doing what we do, provide general background information about what we offer, and keep you current with what is happening on the site .
The Church Music page shows you what our scores and parts look like, but cannot show you the care we take to make each work performable as to page turns and legibility. In both lists of music, each title links to a page showing an excerpt of the score. Many also have audio excerpts to help give you an idea of the music. The
General Music page features music for teaching, study, or recreation, and works the same way.
, the Main Gallery page serves the same function as the music lists. A click on a photo will take you to a page with larger views, and sometimes variants, often accompanied by comments about the making of the photograph. There is also a page about your prints - how to care for them, materials I use. And don't overlook the Card Shop - cards and Christmas cards for your special people and occasions.
The Mall is a way for you to continue your search from our site if we do not have what you are looking for, or to link to sources of recordings, music, equipment or materials that we have used and found helpful ourselves.You will also find links to people and to relevant organizations.

With all of those pages, you will probably already know what you want to order when you arrive at
The onGraceStreet Storefront.
It will be easier to select your category than to scan the entire list, especially as our repertoire grows.
It is also possible to search the Product List.

You may pay by credit card, by credit card through PayPal, or through your PayPal account. You do not hve to be a PayPal member. to pay through them with your credit card - simply accept the PayPal option, keep on going and you will have the opportunity to make a standard credit-card type purchase. What is not standard, and helpful to your security, is that only PayPal will have your credit card information. We will know only your email address. Having said that, let us recommend that you set up an account with us as you place your order. Doing so will keep you from having to re-enter much of your information on return visits, and will also give us your address and telephone number as well as your email (but still no credit information) to use in case there is a malfunction in the shopping cart, or if we need to know more about what you want to fill your order properly. Think of it as a back-up system. That information will stay on only our server, and will be used only by us as stated above. We have no interest in marketing by email unless someone specifically requests notification of new items that might be suitable for them, or there is over time a demand for a newsletter of some sort.
The "onGraceStreet" logo in the upper lefthand corner will return you to the music site; a click on "Gallery" will take you from there back to the gallery site.

PRIVACY POLICY: We ask you for certain personal information so that we can communicate with you about your order, and ship it safely to you. That information includes your name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number. Any credit card or PayPal Account information goes through their secure process, and that information stays with them. We do not sell or exchange any information about you at all with anyone. We will retain a record of your order(s) in case you or we need that information in the future in our dealings with each other, or you need to provide it to a third party at your discretion.
If we should keep a record of what items and versions of items are purchased over time, information about who made the purchases is not pertinent to our purpose for that record and will not appear in it. Any record of numbers of repeat purchases likewise will include only numbers, not names. It is conceivable but not likely that these two types of records could be made available to third parties.
Once you link to another site from our "Mall", that company's Privacy Policy becomes the one applicable.
RETURN and REFUND POLICY: The very nature of what we sell precludes our making refunds for returns. We will happily correct editing mistakes, binding mistakes, note or notation errors, CD's that do not play properly, and faulty prints. Talk to us about the particulars and we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. With that in mind ...
To Talk With Us: If you need to telephone, call 336 722-4554 between 10am and 10pm EST/EDT. Be prepared to leave a message - we stay "on the go". You might actually get a quicker response if you use email: or
If you wish to write, we really do live on Grace Street -
1708 Grace Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 .